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Friday, July 11, 2008


So this is a little preach give to me in class during hair coloring. And now I am going to pass along this little preach to my readers because I couldn't agree more with what was said. And I had not thought of it this way.

Is is important to take care or your/your client's newly color treated hair. Most clients think that now that they just spent all this cash on getting their hair done that they save on the products they use to take care of their hair afterwards. So they buy drugstore brands. However you will find the next time they come to you for a touchup, they complain that the color faded or washed out. And thats if they even come back to you as they could blame you for the color fading.
But what they don't realize is that they are using the harmful products, even if it is the color treated safe lines found in drugstores. And it is our responsibility as cosmetologists to educate the client that the salon lines and commercials lines have much more differences other than price. I will get into that with another post later.
Another way to think about is: If you buy a silk blouse, do you wash it the same way as you would wash your jeans? NO because you just spent all this money on a new silk blouse. So why wash your new 'expensive' hair with cheap stuff that has 80% water content that does nothing to protect your color?? So it really does make a difference to use professional products made with long lasting color in mind. It's professional for a reason and not just so the companies can charge you more.
So the next time you color your hair, consider the cost of good products as part of the price for the color service.

Here are a few good products that I have tried and still use and have been
recommended by the other hair colorists and my educators.

Color Extend Rich Defender from Redken

Matrix Shade Memory line

P.S. the normal conditioner from Redken Color Extend sucks. It does not moisturize and leaves hair stringy.