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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Eyeshadow Primers

Too Faced Shadow Insurance 4/5 v. Urban Decay Primer Potion 4/5

I rated them the same however they are both very good but let's be truthful here...there are flaws in these diamonds. UDPP is a bitch to blend but a dream at staying power (i.e. no creasing). Too Faced also lasts pretty good but will crease before the UDPP does and provides a good base for blending

Another thing, UDPP does seem to provide a much smoother surface for the shadow.

Also, Too Faced will get runny. So if you do not give it a good shake before squeezing out the product you will get the 'watery ketchup' like consistency before the good stuff comes out. \
And I won't even go there with the UDPP packaging. We all know the idiocracy that went behind this design.