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Friday, July 4, 2008

Roller Sets - Rods and Clips

There are 2 types of metal clips for rollers. There is the typical one that is most seen and used (top clip). Then the lesser known, but much better in my opinion, the clip that has a back loop that allows less pinching of the hair and tucks away neatly inside the roller. Both can be bough at Sally's Beauty. Here you can see how this type of metal clip pinches and sticks out and can disturb the roller next to it in a set.
This one has far less pinching and tucks right in and 'becomes one' with the roller.

Another option that is use is bobby pins, those gigantic ones. I don't car for these as they do not fit well with larger size rollers due to roller thickness.

Then as the rods get smaller the pins get too long.

There are many different types or roller sizes. Below is a view of the smooth magnetic rollers. I prefer these rollers for wet styling. Although there are many types of rollers in addition to sizes.


Cailin said...

I haven't used rollers in so long, but now you're making me want to again. :-)

Madge said...

Thanks for writing this.