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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Q+A Part 1

Good Morning Chicas! So I have enough questions sent to me now so that I can create a post answering them as part of the whole blog. And for anyone, please don't be scared to ask any question. Even if I don't know the answer I will make it a mission to find out he answer for you.

Q-I never see you mention or post what foundation you use. Can you share this info.
A-You are absolutely right, I haven't. I think when I took a picture of it for my traincase catergory I just assume (never assume!) that it was a given but I can share this info of course!!
I use in this order:
Bobbi Brown corrector on my inner undereye circles
MAC StudioFinish Concealer spf35 in NC30 over my entire undereye area
MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC25 applied with 187 brush
MAC Blot Powder Loose in Medium

Q-I'm a NC25 as well. I was wondering if Soft Ochre is good as an eyeshadow base? Will it change/shift the color of the eyeshadow? As I'm planning to use it under my eyeshadows.Is it too 'yellow'?
A-I adore Soft Ochre. Painterly has pinkish undertones to me and although I did use it as a base prior to SO coming out with the N Collection, I didn't like it. It clashed with my skintone but it was ok at the time as I was covering it with shadow. So it served it's purpose. But Soft Ochre is wonderful because it has just enough yellow undertones to match NC skin. I didnot find it to alter colors in the least. In fact, my Ricepaper looks better! for more comparasins see

Q-Do you use your Clease Off Oil wet or dry? Do you still use a cleaser afterwards
A- I first splash my face once or twice with water. Then I will pump a couple of squirts of COO in my hand and since my hands are wet from splashing my face I will work the oil into a thick lather and then apply to my face. I would like to comment on one thing though, this oil is wonderful for removing sunscreen, foundation and eyeshadows. However I am not convinced this does the best job removing mascara and pencil liner. The oil just seems to smear the pencil liner out and over my temples and lid and with the mascara, it does a good job getting it off my lashes. But what it does, it just rolls it off my lashes and onto my under eye skin. If you wear contacts, if you open your eye ever so slightly...i will fog your vision sobe cautious. For good eye makeup remover, I suggest Neutrogena OilFree Makeup Remover.
Good to know however is that it did not break me out. Also, I use this oil at night obviously, so I will still use a light non drying cleanser afterwards. But if I am too tired and I don't, not a big deal.