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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Spot Cleaning Your Brushes

This is a tutorial on how to spot clean your brushes quickly between uses, so that colors will not blend and create a muddy mess. I do a deep cleaning once a week to some brushes and once a month for others to get rid of bacteria and avoid a gunky build-up.
I use MAC Brush Cleaner for my spot cleaning because it is safe and gentle for brushes and dries quickly. The spray bottle I use, I bought from Target in the Studio Tools line for like 2 bucks. I wouldn't recommend using a dollar store spray bottle because almost always, the springs break.

1First your supplies-The dirty brushes, cleaner and I use the toliet paper and not paper towels because it is gentler.

2Then make sure your spray bottle has MAC solution (or whatever you are using) duh!lol

3Spray cleaner directly on the toliet paper.

4.Gently brush your small brushes back and forth. Make sure you are not rough and fast, you do not want to ruin your bristles because you paid a lot
5Do next brush in a new clean spot.

6For bigger face brushes I spray the brush directly and then wipe.

7Now I wouldn't say this is something you need to day everyday but maybe once a week when you do you deep cleaning of your brushes-spot cleaning your metals. Like for example, the eyelash curler, tweezers and eyebrow scissors. I use the MAC spray as alcohol is an active ingredient.