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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sanitary Tip - Creams

I often wonder why some cosmetic and skincare companies still put product in open face jars. It isn't exactly sanitary and product can spoil more quickly than squeeze tube or pump as it exposes to air everytime you open the jar. However, they still do, so what we can do is follow one simple step to avoid contamination and increase the length of the product.
Everytime you stick your fingers in the jar to scoop out product, you are contaminating it with dirt and oil from your fingers. So I recommend using a plastic cosmetic spatula.


I use the Face Secrets spatulas from Sally's. You get a dozen for 1.29. You can reuse them as long as you clean often.


nywele said...

I never thought about this! It's true that we're just adding bacterias, dirt and other yucky stuff to the cream. That's why i usually get a tube with a dispensable pumper. Thank you for the advice:)