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Sunday, February 3, 2008

My New 187 vs My Old 187

I LOVE MAC 187 Brush.

When I bought my first 187 brush, I bought it to accompanying my Mineralized SkinFinish Shimpagne.
Turns out, I hate Shimpagne. So there sat my 187 for the longest. Until one day I picked it up to apply my blushes. I fell in love. I want to say applys blush mistakeproof-ly(word?). Just the right amount and blends beautifully.
Then one other day, after seeing so many wonderful YouTubers and Specktrettes say how they use it to apply foundation, I decided to try it too. So I followed one chica's recommended application and that was to spritz fix+ on the 187 and then stipple the foundation on you face. Hated it. My Studio Fix Fluid became was to sheer and it looked orange. So I quickly forgot about that.
Then on a different day (lol), I gave it another shot- without the Fix+. OH.MY.HEAVENLY.FATHER.
You would think that this brush shouldn't make such a difference in appearence and blending of foundation but it does!!
OK, so anyway, as you may imagine it is a bit gross to use this miracle brush for foundation AND blush. S0 I made the decision to shell out another 42 hardworking dollars for a second 187. When I got home I compared the two brushes that I known proudly own and took pictures. Yay!


MsButterfli said...

wow look at the difference lol, I have the 187, a 187se and 188 brush. They are ALL fab!