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Monday, January 7, 2008

Spring in January!

Ok first, before I get into my FOTD, I kind of have to give an intro. I recently watched Enkore's (from YouTube) totally awesome rockin tutorial on Color Theory and the color wheel. So it was fresh on my mind when I got dressed today and put on a yellow shirt, I reflected back on the color wheel and what color is said to be complementary to yellow-purple!

So while I didn't on a pure purple eyeshadow, I did use a pigment and eyeshadow I haven't used in a while:Pinked Mauve and Cranberry.

I have to say it came out really nice and these pics don't do the color vibrancy any justice.

Now on the snapshots.....

Painterly paint pot
Jardin Aires pigment as base shimmer
Pinked Mauve pigment
Cranberry in out corner
Naked Lunch on inner corner
Shroom on browbone
Graphic Brown fluidliner on upperlid and lower lashline
Teddy in lower waterline
Engraved in upper waterline

Pinch'O Peach

Her Fancy lipstick
Spring Bean lustreglass


✞ANGELA✞ said...

I love ur make-up! they are gorgeous. Thanks for stopping by my blog.