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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My MAC collection as of 11.19.07

First off we take a quick glimpse at me entire stash

First catergory up for showing is the PIGMENTS
(L-R) Reflects Pearl, Jardin Aires, Cocomotion, Off the Radar, Pinked Mauve, Golden Olive.

Next up is The Liners and Bases
Fluidliners: Rich Ground, Graphic Brown, DipDown, Blacktrack.
Pencils: Teddy, Engraved,Olive Green, Tealo, Tarnish
Shadesticks: Lucky Jade, Royal Hue, SilverBleu
Then dumb Paint in BareCanvas and PaintPot in Rubenesque

Up next is the Blushes
Clockwise From Top: Emote, Pinch Me, Sunbasque, Pinch o Peach, Blushbaby.

Following the blushes is the lovely Lip catergory
Glasses:Luminary, Instant Gold, Love Nector, VGV, Sinnamon, Spring Bean
Lipsticks: Dubonnet, Barely Lit, Your Lady, High Tea
Pencils: Oak, Plum, Mother Pearl

Now we take a look at the small but humble Nail Lacquers
Whirlwind, Beiged Bliss, Think Pink

Next is the bigger picture-the Face catergory
Brush Cleaner, Studio Fix Fluid NC25, Fix+, Blot Pressed powder in meduim,StudioFinish concealer NC30, Mineralize shadow in Engaging, my 1 MSF Shimpagne, and -kneels before- MSF Natural in Medium

OK, next up are the Brushes
Starting from the side and then from top: 182, sharpener, 187, 190( only thing bought from ebay and I have the sneaky suspician this is a fake, rawr), 224, 217, 252, 239, 217, 266


nywele said...

beautiful collection. It must be fun to decide in the morning what are you going to wear?